U35 Forum: The Utility of Land Power: Perceptions of the British Army

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CGS‘The generation that matters in the Army, those who will fight the new structure once it's been implemented, if and when the call comes.’

The Chief of the General Staff, RUSI June 2012 

On Thursday 28 November General Sir Peter Wall will conduct an informal and off-the-record discussion with junior officers, officer cadets and RUSI U35 Forum members. The event is part of an ongoing dialogue with ‘the generation that matters’, ensuring those who will inherit the Army of 2020 have a voice today.

The discussion will address society’s evolving perceptions of the British Army, its fundamental purpose, place in national life and relationship with the population it serves. Furthermore, those serving officers will be asked to contribute their own perspectives on the Army’s self-perception and reflect on the challenges of service life in returning to contingency, adapting to new force structures and working relationships.

Participants will be encouraged to ask questions and raise issues of their own interest, or concern. There is no formal agenda and it is hoped the discussion will be broad-ranging and incorporate issues from recruitment and retention to reserves integration. 

1730-1800          Registration                      

1800-1930          Discussion                         

1930-2100          Drinks reception

This event is open to all RUSI Under 35 members. To become a member, please click here.

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