Turkey’s Increasing Role in the MENA – Its Scope and Challenges?

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RUSI Logo 3Ziya Meral, a London-based Turkish writer, researcher and academic will address the following questions:

  • How will Turkey use its rising power and foreign policy influence?
  • What does the Obama-Turkey-Israel relations 're-set' signify?
  • As Syria's Northern neighbour how will it continue to react?
  • What does Turkey's own internal Kurdish separatist demands mean for any 're-ordered' Iraq and/or Syria?
  • How will Turkey deal with the hydrocarbon exploitation of the Med South East basin, including an economically weakened Cyprus?
  • Will Turkey provide any 'counter-balance' to Russia in the Region?

 If you would like to attend please email Stephanie Bacon at stephanieb@rusi.org

Please note spaces are limited

ENTRANCE AND SECURITY: As visitors for the meeting you will need to present a copy of this email at the Visitors (St Stephen's) Entrance of the House of Commons and pass through security to be directed to Committee Room 5.

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