Transnational Organised Crime and Security – What’s Next?

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A year ago, the RUSI Journal embarked on an exploration of the relationship between transnational organised crime and security, at a time when many still doubted the significance of the link beyond specific cases – such as drug trafficking in Afghanistan or drug-related violence in Colombia and Mexico. The series showed how organised crime is a complex, ill-defined term, underpinned by social and political dynamics as well as economic ones, and with varied and important security consequences on multiple levels. A distinguished panel including Dr Frank G Madsen – guest editor of the Journal series – Professor Barry A K Rider and James Bergeron will discuss the key questions that researchers and policy-makers alike still need to tackle in order to advance our understanding of this phenomenon and formulate the most effective approaches to counter it.

James Bergeron is Political Advisor to Allied Maritime Command in Northwood. He previously served as Political Advisor to the Commander, Striking and Support Forces NATO, Lisbon, Portugal.

Dr Frank G Madsen is a research associate at the Von Hügel Institute, St Edmund’s College, Cambridge. He was formerly head of criminal intelligence at the Interpol General Secretariat in France and subsequently director of security for a US Fortune-100 multinational. He was Guest Editor of the RUSI Journal series on Transnational Organised Crime and Security.

Professor Barry A K Rider is a Professorial Fellow, Centre for Development Studies, University of Cambridge and Fellow Commoner, Jesus College, Cambridge.

The event is part of the RUSI Journal/Von Hügel Institute lecture series on transnational organised crime and security.

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