Transformation of Military Operations On the Cusp, Part II

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RUSI is engaged in a project in partnership with US Joint Forces Command entitled ‘Transformation of Military Operations on the Cusp’. The project is concerned with operations at the transition points between crisis and major combat operations, and between major combat operations and the various categories of post-combat security, stabilization and reconstruction operations.

A first conference took place in Norfolk, Virginia on 14-15 March. The conference brought together panellists and delegates from the military, diplomatic, development, intelligence, NGO, media and academic communities to develop a conceptual framework within which to transform capabilities for operations ‘on the cusp’. The conference report can be found at:

On 14-15 July, we will be holding a workshop at RUSI, where we will seek to develop these concepts by engaging a more diverse, and more specifically European audience. The workshop will bring together in London a broad range of relevant experience and perspectives from European defence ministries and armed forces, as well as other government departments and NGOs, to meet up with American experts.

See the Word attachment below for a provisional workshop agenda.

To register, contact Mamoona Shah:

+44 (0)207 747 2648

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