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Professor Richard Ned Lebow, Professor of Government at Dartmouth College will give a talk at RUSI entitled “Red Lights and Ruling the World: Changing Narratives of Self-Interest in the US and their implications for foreign policy”.

Lebow's recent publications include The Tragic Vision of Politics: Ethics, Interests and Orders (2003, Cambrige University Press), which was awarded the Alexander L. George Prize for the best book in political psychology, The Politics of Memory in Postwar Europe (2006, Duke University Press), co-edited with Claudio Fogu and Wulf Kansteiner, and two forthcoming works entitled Unmaking the West: "What-If" Scenarios that Rewrite World History, co-edited with Phil Tetlock and Geoffrey Parker, and Conflict, Cooperation and Ethics (New York: Routledge), in press. He has also published articles in numerous journals, including International Relations, the Journal of Strategic Studies and Millenium.

Professor Lebow was formerly President of the International Society of Political Psychology, an Onassis Foundation Fellow in Ancient Greek History and Culture, and an Overseas Fellow at St. Johns College, University of Cambridge.

His research interests include theories of international relations, conflict management, psychological models of learning, philosophy of social science; and policy of conflict prevention, regional conflict, bargaining and negotiation. Professor Lebow received his MA from Yale University, and his Ph.D. from City University of New York.

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