Transatlantic Forum: Meeting Policy Challenges Of Bioviolence

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Bioviolence is the ultimate act of terror – one of the very few ways to cause widespread harm and panic. The dangers are speedily accelerating, and too little is being done to prevent it. Barry Kellman, Professor of Law, DePaul University and author of the recently published book ‘Bioviolence: Preventing Biological Terrorism and Crime’ will explain how diseases such as smallpox, anthrax, or ebola might be used for hostile purposes. He will also portray the developers of such disease weapons and propose who may already have them now.

Formulating a strategy for law enforcers, scientists, and public health officials to prevent intentional disease, Professor Kellman will call for nations and international organisations to coordinate their efforts to improve humanity’s security. Altogether the threat of bioviolence is an acute challenge for law and governance, Professor Kellman will outline how to meet that challenge.

If you are interested in attending this event please contact Ms Dawn Williams at  or 020 7747 2615.

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