SOLD OUT: The Middle East and North Africa - NATO: Peacemaker, Peacekeeper, Partner?

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How is NATO to respond to events in a Region where members and close coalitionists are involved? Will a post-Clinton White House, State and DoD be dragged back by events from re-ordering towards the Pacific? Will Coalitions of the willing emerge to respond to conflicts with NATO just a planner?

By September the events in the Middle East and North Africa will have matured and the diplomatic and security assessments will be extremely important to a Europe re-ordering itself. You are invited to join the debate as Dr Jamie Shea, NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary General, discusses the current situation.

This event is open to all RUSI members. To become a member, please click here.


ENTRANCE AND SECURITY: As visitors for the meeting you will need to present a copy of your email at the Visitors (St Stephen’s) Entrance of the House of Commons and pass through security to be directed to Room W1 – Off Westminster Hall.


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