Slovenian President to Speak on Global Security and Its Eastern Dimension

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Borut PahorThe crisis in Ukraine continues to preoccupy all European governments and remains at the top of the diplomatic agenda for both NATO and the European Union. But the tensions which the crisis has generated also entail specific implications on other regions, such as the Western Balkans and the Middle East.

It is these regional implications and their ramifications which will form the basis of President Pahor’s talk at RUSI, especially if viewed in the context of the necessity of cooperation with Russia in other parts of the world.

President Pahor has a long and distinguished career of service to his country. He is the youngest ever person to serve as head of state in Slovenia, and the only politician to have held all the top positions in the Slovenian political system: President of Slovenian National Assembly, Prime Minister and President of the Republic.

President Pahor’s presentation will be on-the-record, but the subsequent discussion will be without attribution.

The event is open to all members of the Institute and specially invited guests, but prior registration is essential

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