Simulation and Training for Emergency & Disaster Response

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The threat of international terrorism to our society requires complete and unified emergency and disaster responses; involving both public services and private companies. To improve our preparedness, training exercises are fundamental to developing an experienced, trusted and confident combined response to emergencies and disasters.

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Many of the dangers that the UK faces today are however, of such an extreme nature that there is scant historical evidence to base contingency training and crisis management exercises. This makes emergency and disaster response planning increasingly testing. Likewise, the temperate climate, large industrial base, ageing and congested transportation infrastructure within the UK are all vulnerable variables that would have to be considered in any 'realtime' response. Combining these factors with this country's dense population, any disaster could have the potential to rapidly escalate and have a disproportionately high impact in terms of injury and loss of life.

Simulations may help lessen these shortcomings by providing insight into such extreme events, but even they are still limited.

The questions this workshop aims to address are:

  • Under what circumstances are simulations useful?
  • What new insights can they bring?
  • How do you combine them into training and exercising?

Delegates will learn about: the UK single and multi-agency training and exercise programmes; the state-of-the-art in the use of simulations for training and exercising; and take part in a live debate about the use of simulations in preparing for disasters.

In addition, delegates will be able to interact with the very latest simulation and training products for emergency and disaster responses at the workshop exhibition.

Invited speakers include:

  • Cheryl Plumridge OBE, Head of CT Protect and Prepare Unit, Home Office
  • Rod Stafford, Senior Emergency Planning Coordinator, London Borough of Waltham Forest
  • Jenny Deere, Director Leadership Academy, CENTREX
  • David Brown, Head of Training, Southwark Training Centre, London Fire Brigade
  • Ken Lawson, Director of Training and Doctrine, Emergency Planning College
  • Helen Shannon, Director, Octo

Please contact Dawn Williams if you would like to attend this event.


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