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RUSImotif 2The premise of the internet was to create a global domain which provided the maximum benefit with the minimum amount of regulation. Efforts by various nations to limit the scope of the internet have been widely seen as tampering with freedom of speech. Today a third of the world’s population is connected to the internet and Western Nations are almost entirely dependent on it. Indeed, the recent financial crisis is driving many government and commercial services to be provided solely through the internet in order save money. At the same time, new forms of malware are appearing at an exponential rate. Governments are experiencing increasing numbers of attacks from protesters, organised crime groups and other nation states. Sadly, we can no longer continue with such a Utopian vision if we wish to continue to benefit from the information superhighway.

This lecture series will examine traditional forms of defence and security, developed and implemented over hundreds, if not thousands, of years and ask whether or not they are applicable to cyber space. They will also look at underpinning issues such as the demand for cyber professionals in both civil and public organisations and reducing the effectiveness of malware through public education and awareness.

The lecture will begin at 1730 and will be followed by a drinks reception at 1830.

To attend this event, please register online using the “Book Now” button above.

Forthcoming dates and subjects include:

  • 8 November: Cyber Priorities After SDSR
  • 6 December: National Laws and Regulation Governing Cyber Defence, Cyber Effects and Cyber Attack
  • January: Alliances and Diplomacy – A Multinational Approach to a Global Problem
  • 3 February: E-Crimes and Fraud: The Role of Police and Private Security Firms
  • March: The Role of the Military in Cyber Operations
  • 7 April: Securing Critical National Infrastructure: Providing a Better Model for Government/Industry Partnerships
  • 4 May: An International Legal Framework for Cyber Security

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