RUSI Whitehall Paper launch, Destination NATO: Defence Reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2003-2013

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WHP 80 coverPaddy Ashdown, the former High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, will join Rohan Maxwell and John Andreas Olsen in a discussion on defence reform in Bosnia and more widely to mark the launch of the new RUSI Whitehall Paper, Destination NATO: Defence Reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2003-13.

Defence reform has been a major component of Bosnia and Herzegovina's stabilisation and state-building, and one of the few examples of a centralised state institution in the country.

While defence reform is vital in most cases of post-conflict transition, it is especially so for Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has arguably the most complex state structure in Europe.

Ten years on from the start of Bosnia and Herzegovina's Partnership for Peace defence-reform process, this new monograph assesses the country's progress and identifies the most important lessons for practitioners working in other contexts.

Copies of the Whitehall Paper will be available to purchase at the event.

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