RUSI Under 35 Forum: Patrick Hennessey: Fighting With Afghans

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Patrick Hennessey PictureA lecture and discussion with Patrick Hennessey, former Grenadier Guards officer and author of The Junior Officers' Reading Club.

With concern mounting over increased Green-on-Blue attacks in Afghanistan, and the impact on western troops' confidence in their Afghan partners, it is a timely opportunity for Patrick Hennessey to provide his own personal account of the cultural clashes and vivid friendships formed under fire with the Afghan National Army. 

He will discuss his second book, due to be published on 6 September, Kandak: Fighting with Afghans, recalling his experiences as a mentor to the Afghan National Army, from the comically bad first meetings, the mutual suspicion, incomprehension and cultural divides that characterise early interactions between British and Afghan soldiers, to how in the intensity of battle, unlikely alliances can be formed and culture shocks turn into brotherhood.

Patrick Hennessey was born in 1982 and educated at Berkhamsted School and Balliol College, Oxford, where he read English. On leaving university he joined the Army and served from 2004 to 2009 as an officer in The Grenadier Guards. In between guarding towers, castles and palaces he worked in the Balkans, Africa, South East Asia, the Falkland Islands and deployed on operational tours of Iraq and Afghanistan. On leaving the Army he wrote his first book The Junior Officers' Reading Club, a memoir of a brief but eventful stint in uniform. He is now a barrister.

The session will be followed by a book-signing and networking drinks reception.

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