RUSI U35 Forum: NATO Crisis Response Simulation

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NATO LogoThe NATO Summit in Wales this September must address the most significant security challenge to the Alliance since the end of the Cold War. Russia's annexation of the Crimea and destabilisation of eastern Ukraine threaten to unravel the Post-Second World War security order. After a decade of out-of-area operations, the Atlantic Alliance suddenly finds itself needing to confront threats very close to home.

This RUSI U35 Forum crisis simulation will bring together young scholars, analysts and practitioners to game out the result of the Summit. Positing a crisis in the near future, the structured simulation will explore the options available to NATO, Russia and other major international actors. The exercise will be followed by a debriefing and discussion.

Participants will be assigned a team a few days before the simulation and provided with general background information, as well as faction-specific private information.

Please note that this is an evening event running from 1730 to 2000; participants are requested to be punctual. Food and drink will be provided during the simulation.


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