RUSI-TAPVA Panel Discussion: Academic and Policy Perspectives on Radicalisation and De-Radicalisation

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The emergence of Islamic State and its ability to attract people from the UK and further afield to join and support it has raised questions on what causes radicalisation, what are the root causes of radical views, and how can violent radicalism be prevented.

In response to the challenges posed by Islamism, the UK government has extended the scope of its counter-terrorism policy to tackle non-violent ideology as a conveyor belt to radicalisation.

Hosted by the RUSI Under 35s Forum, in collaboration with the Terrorism and Political Violence Association (TAPVA), this briefing will bring together a range of academic and policy perspectives to engage in the radicalisation and deradicalisation debate. Key areas of discussion will include the role of former combatants in preventing terrorism and the root causes of radicalisation and political violence.

The discussion will be followed by a drinks and canapes reception.

Speakers will include:

  • Dr Gordon Clubb, Director, Terrorism and Political Violence Assocation (TAPVA)
  • Dr Lars Berger, Associate Professor, International Security, University of Leeds
  • Emily Winterbotham, Research Fellow, International Security Studies (ISS), RUSI
  • Deputy Head, Prevent Delivery Unit, Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism
  • Paul McCann, Area Crime Reduction Manager –  Clapham, London Borough of Lambeth

For more information, please contact Hannah Croft, Under 35s Forum Chair, or to visit the TAPVA website please click here.

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