RUSI Meets the East

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Hiro AkutsuA seminar discussion led by Dr Hiroyasu Akutsu, NIDS Visiting Fellow at RUSI.

RUSI Meets the East: How the longest surviving defence and security policy think-tank has seen Japan since the 1860s”.

This lecture will reveal the relationship between RUSI and Japan by discussing articles and lectures found in RUSI archives dating back to the 1860s. The discussion will frame this important relationship into three periods, the pre-alliance (before 1902), alliance (1902-1923), and post-alliance (1923-present day) eras. One finds a strong interest in Japan, with strong policy debates reflecting that interest, throughout the RUSI Journal from 1857 onwards. The lecture will also examine how RUSI itself played a significant role as a representative British research institution in providing forums, strategic intelligence, military lessons and policy proposals to the British defence and security policy establishment with respect to Japan. As this lecture occurs at a time of  the rise of another great Asian Power, China, it is likely that there are lessons for the modern audience.

About the speaker:
Dr Hiroyasu Akutsu is NIDS Visiting Fellow (2010-2011). He specialises in political and military affairs on the Korean Peninsula and security issues in Northeast Asia. At RUSI, he has been undertaking historical research on RUSI’s interest in Japan since the nineteenth century and Peter Fleming’s deception operation against Japan in the early 1940s.

This event is open to members of RUSI.

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