RUSI Land Warfare Conference: Under 35s Forum with Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Nicholas Carter

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Lt Gen Nick Carter

On 1 July 0800-0900, General Sir Nicholas Carter, the Chief of the General Staff, will hold a breakfast-time U35 Forum as part of the RUSI Land Warfare Conference.

This unique event will offer forum members the opportunity to participate in a private, informal and off-the-record discussion with General Sir Nicholas Carter, on the future of the British Army at a key moment in its ongoing transformation and the Strategic Defence and Security Review.

General Sir Nicholas Carter was appointed as Chief of the General Staff (CGS), the professional head of the British Army, in 2014. He commanded his battalion, the Second Royal Green Jackets in Bosnia and Kosovo in 1998, 1999 and 2000, before commanding a brigade in Iraq in 2004. He spent nearly three years in Afghanistan, writing the US campaign plan in 2002, holding regional command of 55,000 NATO forces in 2009-2010 and as Deputy Commander of the NATO mission in 2012-2013. He has also served as Commander Land Forces and was the architect of the recent reorganisation of the British Army – Army 2020 – that has seen the most significant re-shaping of the Army since the end of national service in the late 1950s. As CGS he is responsible for developing and generating military capability from the integrated Army (Regular and Reserve) and for maintaining the fighting effectiveness, efficiency and morale of the Service. He reports to the Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS) and has a right of direct access to the Secretary of State and the Prime Minister.

This event is open to open all U35 members and junior military delegates at the RUSI Land Warfare Conference 2015. There are a limited number of places available and they will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

For any questions about this event please email Duncan Rogers at  or call 020 7747 2600.  

If you'd like to become a member of RUSI's U35 Forum, please contact the U35 Chair, Hannah Croft, at for information.

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