RUSI Journal Presentation: The Scottish Referendum and Defence

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With a referendum on Scottish independence looking all but certain to be held in 2014, the defence implications of a Yes vote are increasingly relevant. And were Scotland to dissolve the Union, then the question of the UK's nuclear deterrent may be the most serious - and difficult - of all.

In this event, Professors Malcolm Chalmers and William Walker each discussed what an independent Scotland would mean for the defence of the British Isles. Professor Chalmers presented the findings of his latest RUSI Journal article on British defence in the aftermath of a dissolved Union - ranging from dividing military assets, NATO alliance dynamics, through to likely levels of independent Scottish defence spending. Professor Walker  focused on the future of the UK nuclear deterrent should Scotland go it alone, an issue likely to dominate the security agenda in the event of a Yes vote.

The meeting was chaired by Sir Richard Mottram.

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The article by Malcolm Chalmers, 'Kingdom's End', appears in the June/July edition of the RUSI Journal is available as a free download.

Professor Malcolm Chalmers is Director of Research and Director, UK Defence Policy at RUSI. Professor William Walker is Professor of International Relations at the University of St. Andrews. Sir Richard Mottram is a former senior civil servant.

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