RUSI Journal Presentation: Cyber-Weapons

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Rid and McBurneyThomas Rid and Peter McBurney of King's College, London, present their latest research on cyber-weaponry, and argue that their findings contradict the received wisdom on cyber-threats.

Recent events have underscored the importance of cyber-security for both states and the private sector, and governments are hurrying to develop new international regimes to govern the use of cyberspace for military ends. But, despite this, the authors of 'Cyber-Weapons' in the February RUSI Journal argue that both the debate and those trying to turn it into policy are getting ahead of themselves. Some fundamental questions on the use of force in cyberspace are still unanswered. Worse, they are still unexplored.

The authors of the article will briefly outline their paper before giving some further remarks. The audience will then have the opportunity to join the authors in a discussion over the paper's findings.

The article 'Cyber-Weapons' in the February edition of the RUSI Journal will be made available for free public access when the issue is released; confirmed attendees will be sent a link to download a PDF once available.

Thomas Rid is a Reader in War Studies at King's College, London. Peter McBurney is a Professor in the Agents and Intelligent Systems Group of the Department of Informatics at King's College, London.

This event is open to all.

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