RUSI Book Launch: 'Changing the Dinosaur’s Spots: The Battle to Reform UK Defence Acquisition' by Bill Kincaid

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RUSI Book Launch:
Changing the Dinosaur’s Spots: The Battle to Reform UK Defence Acquisition
By Bill Kincaid
Foreword by Lord Robertson of Port Ellen, and cartoons by Jim Potts

1700 - 1800

25 November 2008

Royal United Services Institute, Whitehall, London.

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Over the last fifty years, politicians have produced many initiatives to improve the acquisition of defence equipment, but huge cost overruns and delays continue to place servicemen’s lives at greater risk.

It is not the initiatives that are at fault, but the failure by Ministry of Defence officials to implement them properly which torpedoes the useful end effect. Changing the Dinosaur’s Spots by Bill Kincaid offers an in-depth and carefully researched critique of Ministry of Defence acquisition processes and organisational culture. It also suggests comprehensive action to remedy these deficiencies.

Bill Kincaid argues that while officials have altered, and still are altering, organisation and procedures, they are failing to change the ministry’s culture. With the armed forces at war, we must not support them with a peacetime mentality.

The book launch will take place at RUSI, with some remarks by Vice Admiral Sir Jeremy Blackham. The author will also be on hand to talk in person about his book and sign copies which will be on sale.

This event is open to all RUSI members.

To register and book your place at this event, please email

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