Roundtable on Nepal and the Gurkhas

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Nepal Roundtable


13 August 2009

The Royal United Services Institute, Whitehall, London

About the Event:

Roundtable on Nepal and the Gurkhas

Nepal has undergone dramatic political and religious changes in the last five years. After being a monarchy for centuries, Nepal is now a republic; it has also made the transition to Hindu to secular state. Nepal also has a strategic importance which belies its small size; it is often a “mediator” in the longstanding and complex, Sino- Indian relationship. Nepal has also had to play a diplomatic role in Tibet, and between Tibet and China. But Nepal is alsoa important in its own right. It has a large and powerful army, and one which has been embroiled in a protracted  counter- insurgency . Nepal’s security sector, and the security situation,will have a major impact on the sustainability of her fragile transition to democracy. The discussion will be led by Professor Nischal Pandey, Executive Director of the Centre for South Asian Studies. He will also discuss security sector Reform in Nepal; the political transition; and the Gurkhas and the UK.

Professor Nischal Pandey is currently Director of the Centre for South Asian Studies. He was formerly the Executive Director of the Institute of Foreign Affairs [IFA] under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Nepal, from 1998 – 2006. He also served on the National Planning Commission of the Government of Nepal, and was on the taskforce which drafted the Five – Year Plan of Nepal.

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