Roundtable on Investment and Security in Mozambique

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RUSImotifThis RUSI/G4S Global Risks Roundtable will discuss the business and security sector challenges, and opportunities, for investors in Mozambique. His Excellency Antonio Agumende, Mozambique's High Commissioner in London, will open the day’s dialogue with an address on Investment and Security in Mozambique.

Mozambique is currently one of the fastest growing economies in southern Africa, and the roundtable will discuss how the country has made the transition from intractable conflict, to investment haven. Occupying a key geo-strategic position, Mozambique’s economic importance has increased in recent years due to the availability of raw materials and both domestic and regional stabilising of the security situation. Not only will this Roundtable address Mozambique’s economic infrastructure and capacity; it will also explore her role in the Southern African Development Community (SADC), and her relations with the Commonwealth and UK, with particular emphasis on the trade and security sectors.

The format is a structured dialogue in which participants can discuss serious issues and share experiences. Participants will receive a briefing on key topics for discussion, although it is expected that other issues will emerge from the roundtable. Although participants for this event are drawn mainly from the corporate, security, NGO, and policy sectors, this roundtable will also be of interest to those with a general interest in African security and investment.

This RUSI event is run in partnership with G4S Global Risks Ltd, and is the first of a series on investment and security in Africa as part of the RUSI Africa Programme.

This event is open to RUSI Members only.

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