The Rise of China

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Chris Patten

RUSImotif 2A lecture by the Rt. Hon. Lord Patten of Barnes CH, Chancellor, University of Oxford.

The rise of China is transforming the geopolitical landscape. If current growth rates continue, China is expected to become the world's largest economy by the middle of the century, if not before. Her strong economic growth coupled with substantial financial reserves means that China’s international prestige is high. This economic 'coming of age' is increasingly being recognised by a place at the top table of world leaders. In his lecture, Lord Patten discussed how Britain and Europe should engage with a country that will shortly be once again the largest economy in the world.

The Rt. Hon Lord Patten of Barnes CH has held a number of senior national and international appointments including: Conservative Member of Parliament for Bath (1979 to 1992); Secretary of State for the Environment (1989); Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and Chairman of the Conservative Party (1990); Governor of Hong Kong, overseeing the return of Hong Kong to China (1992 to 1997); and European Commissioner for External Relations (1999 to 2004). He was elected Chancellor of the University of Oxford in 2003.

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