Rethinking Europe

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The European Union is in crisis, sovereign debt mounts unstoppably, while politicians stand aside, unwilling or incapable of providing the necessary leadership. As EU leaders gather for yet another summit billed as ‘historic’ – the 12th such event since the crisis began – RUSI held a panel discussion on the viability and prospect of finding solutions to the current euro crisis. What chance exists for radical institutional reform? Where is the Union heading? And what should the UK’s position be within it?

Lord Owen, Declan Ganley, and Brian Carney led the discussion, chaired by RUSI Director-General Professor Michael Clarke.

Lord Owen was MP for Plymouth for twenty-six years, serving in successive Labour governments as Navy Minister, Health Minister and Foreign Secretary. He co-founded the Social Democratic Party and was made a Life Baron in 1992. He was Chairman of the cross-party organisation New Europe, campaigned against entry to the euro and recently published ‘Europe Restructured’ on alternative paths for EU development.

Declan Ganley is an Irish businessman, political activist and European federalist. He founded Libertas in 2006 to campaign for a No vote on the 2008 Lisbon Treaty and has been a prominent figure in European politics ever since, including the recent Irish referendum on the Fiscal Compact.

Brian Carney, sits on the editorial board of The Wall Street Journal, having been Editor of the editorial page at The Wall Street Journal Europe and writer of the ‘Business Europe’ column. He previously worked in the ‘Innovations in American Government’ program at Harvard University and has written extensively on developments towards a United States of Europe.

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