A Regional Perspective on the new 'Af-Pak' Strategy

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RUSImotifThe Obama administration has recently revised its Afghanistan strategy, with an emphasis on a US troop surge of 17,000 men, targeting of the Taleban and Al-Qa'ida leadership, and the need for a comprehensive regional approach including better co-ordination with Pakistan. The UK has also reviewed its policy towards Afghanistan and Pakistan in a similar light.

A sustained Pakistani military campaign against the Taleban in the Swat Valley has made considerable progress but has created the damaging side effect of displacing more than two million people. Meanwhile the Taleban have yet to be removed from Waziristan, while Balochistan and Kashmir remain flash-points for regional instability. This concatenation of urgent problems makes a review of recent developments in both Afghanistan and Pakistan timely. This seminar will focus on both Pakistani and Afghan perspectives on the new 'Af-Pak' strategy.

Speakers will include:

  • H.E. Mr Homayoun Tandar, Ambassador, Embassy of Afghanistan in London
  • Mr Asaf Durrani, Deputy High Commissioner at the Pakistan High Commission in London
  • Dr Nasrullah Mirza, RUSI Pakistan Visiting Fellow.
    Tea and coffee will be available from 1415.

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