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UK Border Security 2012

09:00, 14 Mar 2012
RUSI, Whitehall, London, SW1A 2ET

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About the event:

Border Security 2012_lead event

The recent findings of the UK Border Agency’s Independent Chief Inspector’s investigation into UK border security checks, and the subsequent announcements by the Home Secretary that the UK Border Agency will be split in two, have paved the way for further reform and significant structural changes in the way that national security is upheld at the UK’s borders.

Bringing together senior figures from across the public and private sectors, this year's RUSI conference will therefore examine the way that major changes will be implemented across the UK’s border security frameworks and how ensuring a constant and consistent level of security at the UK's border will continue to represent an integral part of the Government's efforts to maintain public safety and ensure national resilience ahead of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Against the backdrop of the government's recent National Security Through Technology Whitepaper and the House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee report on UK border controls, this year's conference will also examine the range of challenges that terrorism, human trafficking, illegal immigration, organised crime and cyberspace present for those working to ensure national security is upheld at the UK's major ports, airports and international railway stations.

This major event will similarly provide a critical evaluation of the strategies, partnerships and new technologies that are currently being used to combat these evolving threats at the UK's borders.

Confirmed participants include:

  • Damian Green MP, Minister of State for Immigration
  • Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP, Chairman, House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee
  • John Donlon QPM, National Co-ordinator PROTECT & PREPARE, ACPO TAM
  • Andrew Trotter OBE QPM, Chief Constable, British Transport Police
  • Tony Smith, Senior Director, London 2012 Olympic Programme, UKBA
  • Tim Figures, Head of Aviation Security, Aviation Directorate, Department for Transport
  • Helen Skelton, Deputy Director, Threats & Intelligence, SOCA
  • Phil Luxford, Head of Borders and Aviation Unit, Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism (OSCT), Home Office
  • Seamus Tucker, Deputy Director, CBRNE and Science & Technology, Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism (OSCT), Home Office
  • Dale Davis, Executive Director, National Security Initiatives, Global Strategies Group
  • Michael O'Connell, Director of Operational Police Support, INTERPOL
  • Ian Hutcheson, Director of Security, BAA
  • Michael Clayforth-Carr, Chairman, UK Security and Resilience Industry Suppliers' Community (RISC)
  • Mike St John Green, Deputy Director, Cyber Security Standards, GCHQ
  • Niki Tompkinson, Former Director, TRANSEC
  • Matt Cavanagh, Associate Director for UK Migration Policy, Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR)
  • Gordon Morrison, Director of Defence and Security, Intellect
  • Dr Tobias Feakin, Director of National Security and Resilience, RUSI

Conference sessions will address the following issues:

Understanding the Threats to Border Protection

This session will explore the range of challenges that terrorism, human trafficking, illegal immigration, migration and organised crime present to those working to secure the UK's border.  Discussions will involve analysis of how to manage the complexities of a changing security landscape and will examine the difficulties associated with maintaining an acceptable balance between upholding civil liberties and achieving national security objectives.

Ports, Policing and Coastal Surveillance: The UK's Approach to Border Security

This session will provide an overview of the vital role being played by border authorities in policing the UK's ports, airports, international railway stations and guarding coastal territory.  In particular, discussions will seek to provide conference delegates with an understanding of how strategy translates into practice when working to secure the UK's border.  This session will also assess the future policy direction of European border security.

Aviation Security in an Age of Interconnectivity

This session will evaluate the key issues associated with aviation security, with particular attention being paid to passenger and cargo security.  It will also seek to generate discussion about the difficulties that derive from trying to deliver a more joined-up approach to security across different countries and agencies; as well as the legal frameworks that underpin their successful implementation.

Achieving National Security Through Technological Innovation

This session will demonstrate the critical role of new technologies in ensuring that border authorities are always one step ahead of potential threats.  It will also consider cyber security as a growing consideration for international border control.


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