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RUSI is the podium of choice for world leaders and senior policymakers, and is ideally placed to attract high-quality speakers and participants at its events. These vary in size and format from set-piece lectures to conferences and seminars.

Can National Security be Taught?

30 September 2020, 15:00

In 2017, Latvia’s parliament decided that the country should launch a pioneering national security curriculum. Starting in the 2018/2019...

Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia on Georgia’s Pro-Western Foreign Policy Agenda, Security Threats and the Challenges Ahead

08 October 2020, 11:00

Addressing the key priorities of Georgia’s pro-Western foreign policy agenda, His Excellency Mr Giorgi Gakharia will discuss Georgia’s...

An Online Conversation with Two Former Spymasters

22 October 2020, 16:00

In this wide-ranging conversation, General Petraeus and Sir John Sawers will discuss the next big geopolitical and global security...

Haldane: The Forgotten Statesman Who Shaped Modern Britain

12 November 2020, 16:00

As a philosopher-statesman, Haldane’s groundbreaking proposals on defence, education and government structure were astonishingly ahead of...

How Spies Think: 10 Lessons in Intelligence

17 November 2020, 16:00

Intelligence officers discern the truth. They gather information - often contradictory or incomplete - and, with it, they build the most...

Modern Deterrence Autumn 2020 Conference (Rescheduled from Autumn 2020)

17 February 2021, 9:00

RUSI Modern Deterrence conference in partnership with the NATO Public Diplomacy Division.With threats and aggression facing liberal democracies increasing, national security is more important today...

Protecting the Critical National Infrastructure

16 April 2008, 8:00

Protecting the Critical National Infrastructure and ensuring the continuation of political, social and economic activity is vital to the UK. As a modern ‘just-in-time' society is becoming increasingly dependent on goods and services distributed...

Turkish Foreign Policy; challenges and opportunities

14 April 2008, 15:00

“Turkish Foreign Policy; challenges and opportunities”A Lecture by Ali Babacan, Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Turkey’s strategic environment is unique and its desire to support the West’s common objectives long-standing. Turkey is of critical...

Members' Lecture - 'Mission Accomplished?' The Other Side of Ancient Roman Militarism

11 April 2008, 11:15

Professor Mary Beard will address the implications of the Roman triumph (as a celebration of imperialism and military might) and the questions it raises about military power and “victory” in the modern age.  While the Romans were the greatest...

RUSI-AFJ Conference on Japan-UK Security Co-operation

03 April 2008, 8:00

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POSTPONED - NATO Operations in the 21st Century

31 March 2008, 9:00

PLEASE NOTE THIS EVENT HAS BEEN POSTPONED. A NEW DATE WILL BE ANNOUNCED IN DUE COURSE. As NATO heads towards its sixtieth anniversary, the Alliance remains involved in Afghanistan, one of the most challenging stabilisation missions in its history....

Countering Asymmetric Taliban Strategies in Afghanistan

26 March 2008, 9:30

NATO forces in Afghanistan possess an overwhelming advantage over their opponent insurgent forces in firepower. Yet, despite this, they have been unable to defeat, or decisively rout the Taliban forces. Although the insurgents might be militarily...

RUSI - PPRO 'Kashmir at the cross-roads: pitfalls on the path to conflict resolution'

19 March 2008, 13:30

In May 2007, President Musharraf stated that Indo-Pakistan relations had made unprecedented and reasonable progress. He stressed the need for conflict resolution in the Kashmir dispute over which both sides had fought three wars and multiple...

Whitehall Dialogue / Middle East Forum – Israel: Threat Perceptions and Feelings of Security

19 March 2008, 12:45

His Excellency Mr Ron Prosor, Ambassador of Israel to the Court of St James’s will lead a joint Whitehall Dialogue / Middle East Forum on: ‘Israel: Threat Perceptions and Feelings of Security’’. This year, Israel celebrates its 60th anniversary....

DIMDEX Maritime Defence Conference 2008: Challenges, Capabilities, and Co-operation

18 March 2008, 9:00

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Reforming Britain's War Powers

17 March 2008, 9:00

Deploying troops and waging war requires law. Britain's war powers have been regulated for hundreds of years under the Royal Prerogative. These powers give maximum discretion to government, a minimal role to Parliament and no role whatsoever to the...

Military History Circle - Hitler, Blitzkrieg and the Revolution in Military Affairs

14 March 2008, 12:45

In this paper Adam Tooze will explore the ways in which the military history of Nazi Germany has figured in recent debates about the Revolution in Military Affairs. Does the version of history invoked in them match what we know about the way in...

Whitehall Dialogue - The Butler Report: Implications for Public Administration

11 March 2008, 12:45

Presentation by the Rt Hon Lord Butler of Brockwell KG GCB CVO PC, Master of University College, Oxford and former Secretary of the Cabinet and Head of the Home Civil Service.In February 2004, it was announced that Lord Butler would chair an...

NATO's Contribution to Conflict Prevention in Europe

11 March 2008, 10:00

A Lecture by Lord Robertson of Port Ellen, former NATO Secretary GeneralDespite the efforts which governments undertake, conflict prevention remains the most unglamorous, least documented and easily forgotten of diplomatic and military endeavours. A...

The Ninth RUSI Missile Defence Conference

28 February 2008, 8:00

Click here to view Conference Presentations > With a NATO Summit in Bucharest scheduled for April 2008, official and industry studies will have been completed on the matter of how the US European Site, in Poland and the Czech Republic,...

The Ethics of Autonomous Military Systems

27 February 2008, 9:00

<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />Automated weaponry has existed in some form for a very long time. In 1139, Pope Innocent II forbade the use of a dangerous new weapon against fellow Christians. It...