Readiness for an Army in Transition

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Gen Milley smallThe 69th annual UK-US Kermit Roosevelt lecture series featuring a speech by US General Mark A. Milley, looking at the US FORSCOM approach to assuring operational readiness in the Army.

Confronting no less a challenge than the British Army’s own transformation, US Army Forces Command (FORSCOM) is tasked with preparing ‘forces to provide a sustained flow of trained and ready land power’ for the ever-growing range and complexity of military activities, from humanitarian assistance to combat operations.

While acknowledging the ongoing budgetary pressures and planned force reductions, General Milley will articulate FORSCOM’s approach to assuring operational readiness and versatility.  He will address uncertainty, readiness, partnership between the US and UK, the current operating environment,  training strategy (home station and Combat Training Center (CTC)), Reserve component integration, and regional alignment of forces. 

With clear parallels to the British Army’s own plans for rebuilding readiness, General Milley looks forward to an engaging discussion in the subsequent Q&A session, chaired by Professor Malcolm Chalmers, RUSI Research Director from 1300-1400 in RUSI's Library.

Kermit Roosevelt Lecture Exchange

The Kermit Roosevelt Lecture Exchange is an annual programme of lectures between US and UK military forces, originally conceived by Mrs Kermit Roosevelt, whose husband (son of US President Theodore Roosevelt) served with both the British and United States armies, until his death in 1943:

My husband, Kermit Roosevelt, . . .  attempted to carry out in his own life his conviction that the development of a closer relationship between individual English and Americans, and a better understanding between the military forces of the United States and the United Kingdom would contribute in large measure to the preservation of world peace.  In view of this conviction of his, it seems appropriate . . . to set up this Memorial.

Her ideas were embraced by the US Congress which enacted legislation for the establishment of a Kermit Roosevelt Fund and promotion of the programme for the purpose of fostering a better understanding and a closer relationship between the military forces of the United States and United Kingdom.’ The exchange has continued ever since, expanding across multiple venues and exploring multiple topics involved in military collaboration between the UK and the US.

General Mark A. Milley is the Commanding General of the US Army Forces Command, responsible for preparing conventional land forces to be expeditionary, campaign-focused and tailorable to provide Combatant Commanders the required capabilities to be decisive across the full range of military operations. He graduated and received his commission from Princeton University in 1980. He has held multiple command and staff positions across seven divisions and Special Forces over the last thirty four years, including the 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum and III Corps at Fort Hood. His operational deployments include Egypt, Panama, Colombia, Haiti, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iraq and three tours of Afghanistan, most recently as Commanding General, ISAF Joint Command and Deputy Commanding General United States Forces, Afghanistan. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Princeton University, Masters from both Columbia University and the US Naval War College, and is a graduate of the MIT Seminar XXI National Security Studies Program.

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