Prospects for Turkey in a Fast-Changing World

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Prospects for TurkeyA lecture by Ibrahim KALIN,  Assistant Undersecretary of State and Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister of Turkey Omer ÇELIK, Vice Chairman, AK Party

This lecture is co-organised by RUSI and the Office of Public Diplomacy of the Office of the Prime Minister of Turkey.  The speakers will reflect on Turkey's foreign policy priorities. The last five years have witnessed major changes within Turkey as well as in Turkey's engagement in global affairs. While its longstanding EU bid and its renewed presence in the Middle East have drawn ample attention, Turkey's rush to open new embassies across Africa and deepen its links with South and East Asian countries signal the scope of Turkish ambition. Buoyed by fast economic growth, Turkey's impact on its region is undoubted. However, the country faces serious domestic and foreign policy challenges, and the events of the Arab Spring have revealed both the weaknesses and the strengths of the newly found Turkish outreach. Our speakers will seek to address both these challenges and opportunities.

Ibrahim Kalin PhD is Assistant Undersecretary of State and Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister of Turkey. Dr Kalin is the founding-director of the SETA Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research based in Ankara, Turkey and served as its director from 2005 to 2009. He is a fellow at the Prince Alwaleed Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, Georgetown University.

He received his PhD from the George Washington University. As a broadly trained scholar of philosophy and Islamic studies, he has taught courses on Islamic philosophy, comparative philosophy, Islam-West relations and Turkish foreign policy. His field of concentration is post-Avicennan Islamic philosophy with research interests in comparative philosophy and Muslim-Christian relations. He has served as spokesperson for A Common Word, a major initiative to improve Muslim-Christian relations.

Omer ÇELIK holds a BS and MS degree from Gazi University, Ankara. His degree is from the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, the department of Public Administration, and his MS degree is from Political Science. He is a political scientist and a strategist. Mr ÇELIK has been elected as the Deputy of Adana in 22nd, 23rd and 24th periods. During this period, he has accomplished his duties as the member of NATO Assembly of Parliamentarians Turkish Group; TGNA Commission of Foreign Relations; and TGNA Commission of Environment. Mr ÇELIK is currently at the Chairman of the Turkish American Parliamentary Friendship Group. As well as his membership at the AK Party Central Decision Making and Administrative Committee (CDAC), Mr ÇELIK is currently the Party Vice Chairman responsible for Foreign Relations.

Tea and coffee will be served from 1600 in the Reading Room.

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