Post-Conflict Missions: Time for a Rethink

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Lesley AbdelaLesley Abdela MBE, international women’s human rights campaigner and post-conflict specialist, will assess why so many peace settlements contain the seeds of future conflict. She will contend that peacemaking and peacebuilding ought not to be left so overwhelmingly to men, for one practical reason: evidence shows men on their own are not good at it.

Lesley will discuss case studies from conflict countries where women have been included in peace initiatives and will highlight other examples where women, despite international obligations such as UNSCR1325 and UNSCR1880, have been completely excluded. She will outline the significance of getting political and military leaders to understand the importance of including women in the decision making process if peacebuilding is to be effective and durable.

Lesley Abdela MBE is an international women's human rights campaigner and post-conflict specialist who has worked for over 25 years in the field of gender development. She is an expert on the advance of women in politics and public life and has worked as an adviser in 40 different countries to governments, IGOs (including the United Nations and OSCE) NGOs and the European Union. In March 2009, she won the UK Woman Political Journalist of the Year Award. Lesley is a Senior Partner in the Eyecatcher Associates/Shevolution gender equality consultancy; Chief Executive of Project Parity and co-founder of the all-party 300 Group for women in politics and public life.

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