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Dr Stephen E FlynnEvent: Recent Developments in the U.S. Approach to Resilience: A Presentation by Stephen E. Flynn, Ph.D. 11:30, 24 Feb 2015, RUSI
In his presentation Stephen Flynn will outline how this “resilience-centric” approach is influencing the U.S. approaches to counter-terrorism, cyber-security, and critical infrastructure protection.
SDSR 2015Event: SDSR Breakfast Briefing: NATO 08:30, 20 Feb 2015, RUSI
A briefing by General Sir Adrian Bradshaw KCB OBE, Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe, set against the backdrop of the latest security challenges facing NATO and how this will impact upon UK priorities and commitments.
Gill Bennett OBE MAEvent: Members’ Military History Lecture - Espionage During the First World War: Spies and Spy Fiction 12:45, 17 Feb 2015, RUSI
A lecture by Gill Bennett OBE MA, Associate Fellow, Royal United Services Institute. In her lecture, Gill Bennett will assess some of the extraordinary personal stories of spies, professional and amateur, invaluable and inept, working alone or together. Gill will also consider their portrayal in literature by the many writers, from John Buchan to Somerset Maugham, who were involved in secret intelligence themselves.
RUSI Logo 3On Tap: Organised Crime and Illicit Trade in Tobacco, Alcohol and Pharmaceuticals 12:15, 12 Feb 2015, RUSI
Organised crime is more pervasive in British society than is generally acknowledged. The true scale of illicit trade remains unknown, but the statistics available are stark. In addition to the adverse health consequences, illicit trade undermines community well-being and its vast profits are used to fund other criminal activities.
Conference: SDSR 2015 Conference: Ends, Ways and Means: Assuring the UK’s Credibility 09:00, 12 Feb 2015, RUSI
This event has now been cancelled. For further information, please contact Avnish Patel, Research Events Officer at RUSI.
The Interview - SonyEvent: Attributing Cyber Attacks: Did North Korea Hack Sony? 11:00, 11 Feb 2015, RUSI
A presentation by Dr Thomas Rid, Professor of Security Studies at King’s College London discussing his latest publication: Attributing Cyber Attacks, a research article designed to explain, guide and improve the identification of network breaches.
PONI LOGOEvent: Armchair Discussion: Trident and the SDSR 18:00, 9 Feb 2015, RUSI
One of the first acts of the next Government will be publication of a Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR), outlining the UK’s defence policy in the years ahead. With the life cycle of the UK’s existing fleet of Vanguard submarines having already been extended, the opportunity to postpone a decision on full renewal of the Trident system is limited.
RUSImotif 2Event: Libya: An Escalating Crisis on Europe's Doorstep 11:00, 9 Feb 2015, RUSI
A panel discussion about the current situation in Libya, exploring possibilities for both further escalation and political reconciliation, future security challenges and associated effects upon regional and European security in the near to medium term.
cod2Event: Under 35 Forum Event: Virtual War 18:00, 4 Feb 2015, RUSI
Technological developments have allowed war video gaming and military simulation programmes to replicate the reality of combat in semi-authentic virtual geopolitical contexts. Virtual warfighting is now a significant component of military training, as well as a multibillon dollar commercial industry.
SDSR 2015Event: SDSR Breakfast Briefing: Pan-Governmental Intelligence and Information 08:30, 4 Feb 2015, RUSI
Dame Stella Rimington DCBEvent: Dame Stella Rimington on Espionage: The Fiction and the Fact 13:00, 2 Feb 2015, RUSI
A lecture by Dame Stella Rimington DCB, author and former Director General of the Security Service (MI5). Drawing on history and episodes from her own career, Dame Stella will compare some of the best known British spy fiction, from Kim and William le Queux to John le Carré and Frederick Forsyth, with the reality of the intelligence world.
Douglas Haig Fellowship LectureEvent: Douglas Haig Fellowship Lecture - The Commander-in-Chief and his loyal General: Douglas Haig and Sir Henry Horne 13:00, 30 Jan 2015, RUSI
A lecture by Dr Simon Robbins, Senior Archivist, Imperial War Museum, commemorating the life of Field Marshal Earl Haig of Bemersyde and the forces he commanded.
Air Chief Marshal Sir Andrew PulfordEvent: Under 35 Forum Chiefs Series: Chief of the Air Staff 18:00, 28 Jan 2015, RUSI
The first in a series of evening meetings, this unique event will offer Under 35 Forum members and other serving invitees the opportunity to participate in a private, informal and off-the-record discussion with Air Chief Marshal Sir Andrew Pulford KCB, CBE, ADC.
SDSR 2015Workshop: SDSR Breakfast Briefing: What does the Future Hold for Military Manpower? 08:30, 27 Jan 2015, RUSI
As part of RUSI’s SDSR Breakfast Briefings series, our panel will examine how manpower is a critical element of defence capability as well assessing the impact of further reductions in the size of the armed forces.
RUSI Logo 3Event: Serious Infectious Disease: Challenges for Security and Defence 09:00, 23 Jan 2015, RUSI
Conflict and post-conflict zones create particular challenges for controlling and containing infectious disease. Damage to hospitals, the degradation of healthcare infrastructure, and the loss of skilled medical personnel during conflict creates an environment in which infectious disease can emerge and spread rapidly, while failed states and those still struggling to recover from recent conflict are ill-equipped to provide healthcare systems that meet the complex needs of their populations.
Alan RusbridgerEvent: Alan Rusbridger on the 21st Century Surveillance State: Implications of the Snowden Revelations 13:00, 19 Jan 2015, RUSI
Alan Rusbridger, Editor-in-Chief of The Guardian, will outline the processes that the paper went through leading up to its decision to publish some of the documents leaked by Edward Snowden. In his lecture, he will consider the nature of press freedom today and assess the ramifications of the story which raise questions about the public interest, consent, the role of parliament, legality, privacy, oversight and the integrity of the web.
Major Gen Asim BajwaEvent: Pakistan's Role in the Fight Against Terror: A Lecture by Major General Asim Bajwa 11:00, 15 Jan 2015, RUSI
A lecture by Major General Asim Bajwa, Director General Inter Services Public Relations Directorate of the Pakistan Army, reviewing Pakistan's military operations against terror and miltancy.
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