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Assistant Commissioner Mark RowleyEvent: A briefing by Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley 12:00, 5 Oct 2015, RUSI
A briefing from Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley, national lead for counter terrorism policing and head of Specialist Operations, Metropolitan Police Service.
General Raheel SharifEvent: General Raheel Sharif - Chief of Army Staff, Pakistan Army 11:00, 2 Oct 2015, RUSI
Coming at the end of his official visit to the British Forces, General Raheel Sharif will share his thoughts on how the Pakistan Army views its current threat picture both at home and abroad.
RUSImotifEvent: The Iran nuclear deal, Iranís foreign policy and the crisis in Syria 09:30, 2 Oct 2015, RUSI
With the U.S. Congressional votes now secured for the passage of the Iran deal, questions will now turn to the implementation of the deal and its subsequent consequences for the regions. To discuss these issues in greater depth, you are invited to an exclusive roundtable discussion with a group of leading experts on Iran and Syria from the University of St Andrews
Pakistan flagConference: Pakistan Security Conference 2015 10:00, 1 Oct 2015, RUSI
CFCSEvent: Illicit Flows and Migration: Profiting from Tragedy 08:30, 1 Oct 2015, RUSI
The Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies would like to invite you to our next Breakfast Briefing on "Illicit Flows and Migration: Profiting from Tragedy" to hear from a panel that will include representatives from law enforcement and financial institutions who will lead participants through a thought provoking discussion on this very challenging topic.
Darrell AmisonEvent: The UK's Transition and Redeployment from Southern Afghanistan in 2014 13:00, 28 Sep 2015, RUSI
A lecture by Brigadier Darrell Amison CBE, Commander, Headquarters 102 Logistic Brigade, Ministry of Defence. In his lecture, Brigadier Amison will discuss how the UKís timely, efficient and effective drawdown and redeployment operation from Southern Afghanistan was executed in 2014.
John K SopkoEvent: Oversight in Afghanistan: The Insurance Policy for Reconstruction Efforts 18:30, 22 Sep 2015, RUSI
Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, John F. Sopko, will discuss the latest developments facing the reconstruction effort in Afghanistan and the importance of oversight.
RUSI Logo 3Event: Launch Event: An Illusion of Complicity: Terrorism and the Illegal Ivory Trade in East Africa 11:00, 22 Sep 2015, RUSI
This event will mark the launch of the new RUSI Occasional Paper, 'An Illusion of Complicity: Terrorism and the Illegal Ivory Trade in East Africa', which provides a nuanced examination of established powerful narratives regarding ivory-fuelled threat finance and the 'crime-conflict-terror nexus'.
Michael Fallon APC2015Defence Secretary on the Strategic Defence and Security Review 2015 09:00, 22 Sep 2015, RUSI
Defence Secretary, Michael Fallon MP, will set out his view of the strategic context, explain the process that the Government has been following to ensure the review is properly strategic, and outline some of the issues that are beginning to emerge from the analysis.
U35 Young Nationalism in ChinaEvent: U35 Forum - Angry Youth: Young Nationalism in China 18:00, 17 Sep 2015, RUSI
Over the past twenty five years, nationalism has emerged as a formidable and exceptional form of popular political expression amongst educated Chinese youth. This nationalist sentiment, which has found its roots in universities and is nurtured in the chat rooms of cyberspace, is a complex phenomenon that encapsulates the current mood of the ĎFourth Generationí in a rising China.
Cyber Conference 2015Conference: Cyber Conference 2015: Cyber for the Rest of Us? 09:30, 16 Sep 2015, RUSI
Intended to be the first of an annual series of events, this conference will bring together leading thinkers, practioners and practitioners from across the field of cyber security disciplines in a unique forum for unparalleled debate, discussion and networking. The theme for this years event will be the challenges and opportunities in cybersecurity for states other than China, Russia and the USA.
Tinatin Khidasheli - ImageEvent: A Briefing with the Minister of Defence of Georgia - Tinatin Khidasheli 16:00, 15 Sep 2015, RUSI
Georgia's Minister of Defence, Mrs Tinatin Khidasheli, will provide her thoughts on the key foreign and security policy priorities from Georgia's perspective.
Robert WorkEvent: Robert Work, United States Deputy Secretary of Defense: The Third Offset Strategy and America's Allies and Partners 14:30, 10 Sep 2015, RUSI
RUSI is honoured to welcome Mr Robert Work, United States Deputy Secretary of Defense, to give a presentation on 'The Third Offset Strategy and America's Allies and Partners'.
RUSI Logo 3Conference: Defence Acquisition Conference 2015 08:30, 9 Sep 2015, Defence Academy of the United Kingdom
This high level conference by RUSI and Cranfield University will provide participants with a better understanding of British defence acquisition following this year's General Election and ahead of the next CSR and SDSR.
CGS Nick CarterEvent: CANCELLED Under 35s Chiefs Series: Chief of the General Staff 17:30, 8 Sep 2015, RUSI
This event is now cancelled.
Ambassador Douglas LuteEvent: From Wales to Warsaw: Repositioning the Alliance for the Tasks Ahead 14:30, 4 Sep 2015, RUSI
Douglas E. Lute, Ambassador of the United States to NATO, will look ahead to the Warsaw Summit next year and discuss the issues and challenges facing the Alliance.
Professor Eugene RoganjpgEvent: The Fall of the Ottomans: The Great War in the Middle East, 1914-1920 13:00, 4 Sep 2015, RUSI
A lecture by Professor Eugene Rogan, Director of the Middle East Centre, St Antonyís College, University of Oxford. In his lecture, Professor Rogan will uncover the much overlooked story of the Middle Eastís crucial role in the Great War.
RUSI LOGO 4Event: AML Technologies: New Tools to Combat Financial Crime 08:30, 3 Sep 2015, RUSI
The Centre for Financial Crime & Security Studies is delighted to invite you to a breakfast briefing on AML Technologies: New Tools to Combat Financial Crime.
Andy Burnham MPEvent: Andy Burnham on Keeping Britain Safe in an Unsafe World 09:00, 2 Sep 2015, RUSI
The Rt Hon Andy Burnham, Member of Parliament for Leigh and candidate to be the next Leader of the Labour Party, will outline his view of the defence and security challenges that Britain faces, now and in the future.
Taiwan Book LaunchEvent: Book Launch: Cross-Taiwan Strait Relations in an Era of Technological Change: Security, Economic and Cultural Dimensions 10:30, 31 Jul 2015, RUSI
You are invited to join the Royal United Services Institute for the book launch of Cross-Taiwan Strait Relations in an Era of Technological Change: Security, Economic and Cultural Dimensions with Dr Irwin Crookes and Dr Knoerich.
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