The US and the Yemen Conflict: From Trump to Biden

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This event examines the legacy of the Trump administration’s policy towards Yemen, and its future direction under President Biden.

The Biden presidency promises significant changes to the United States’ approach towards the conflict in Yemen. Prior to his election, President Biden described the war as ‘disastrous’ and, with his first five days in office, the President approved almost all financial transactions connected to Yemen's Houthi, despite the last-minute designation of the group as a terror organization by the outgoing Trump administration.

With changes also potentially unfolding within the Saudi-led coalition, what will this mean for the future direction of the conflict? How will the legacy of the Trump administration continue to affect America’s role? And, as President Biden orders a ‘reassessment’ of the US-Saudi relationship as well as the temporary suspension of arms sales to Saudi Arabia and a potential change in the US policy towards Iran, how will all these measures impact on the conflict in Yemen?


The event will be chaired by Marwa Baabbad, Associate Fellow at RUSI.

  • Nadwa Dawsari, Yemen analyst, Non-Resident Scholar, Middle East Institute
  • Peter Salisbury, Senior Yemen Analyst, International Crisis Group
  • Baraa Shiban, Yemen Analyst


This event is organised as part of International Security Studies’ Unpacking the MENA programme led by Dr Aniseh Bassiri Tabrizi.

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