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Integrating Military Outputs in an era of Great Power Competition

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In 2012, the UK formed the Joint Forces Command to manage and deliver specific joint capabilities and lead on the conceptual component for Defence.  Seven years later in December 2019, Joint Forces Command transitioned into Strategic Command.  The new Command retains its original Joint Force responsibilities but with an enhanced mandate to integrate fighting across Air, Land, Sea, Cyber and Space (what is being called ‘Five-Domain Integration’).  It will also take the UK Defence lead for the Cyber domain, the development of Space capabilities and developing the Defence approach to operating in the information environment.

The Inaugural Strategic Command Conference brought together senior leaders from Defence, academics and industry to consider the rationale behind the decision to establish the new Command, and the vision, ambitions and challenges for the new Command in an era of Great Power competition.  Panels explored: what strategic integration means in practice, and how it will be delivered; how the UK should respond to competition below the level for armed conflict, and; how to exploit disruption through advances in new technology and the implications this may have for Defence as an organisation.

Speakers included:

  • General Sir Patrick Sanders - Commander UK Strategic Command 
  • Elisabeth Braw, Senior Research Fellow, RUSI
  • Megan Butler, Senior Research Advisor (data, technology, and AI), CIPD
  • Major General Tom Copinger-Symes, Director Digital Transformation, UK MOD
  • Wing Commander Dr Keith Dear, Joint Warfare Innovation
  • Vice Admiral Jerry Kyd RN, Fleet Commander
  • Lieutenant General Jim Hockenhull – Chief of Defence Intelligence
  • Brigadier Ian Langford, Director General Future Land Warfare, Australian Army
  • Dr Oliver Lewis, Director, Rebellion Defense
  • Professor Jim Storr
  • Air Marshal Edward Stringer RAF – Director General Joint Force Development
  • Juliet Stuttard, Director People and Organisations, PWC UK
  • Lieutenant General Chris Tickell, Deputy Chief of the General Staff
  • Air Marshal Andrew Turner RAF, Chief of Staff Capability, Royal Air Force


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