UK Space Command - What Can We Expect?

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To examine the proposed UK Space Command, outlining its function and place within the country’s defence structures and its relationship to civil and commercial activities, as well as broader UK space ambitions.

Increasing concerns regarding the weaponisation of space, threats to satellites and the possibility of conflict which extend into the Earth’s orbit have motivated several states to reorganise their military space capabilities. The establishment of the US Space Force and French Space Command and NATO’s recent determination to recognise space as one of its operational domains are all part of this trend. The UK is no different in this regard. However, questions remain as to what a space command means in practice, particularly for a medium-sized space power with few sovereign assets, and how such a structure will work alongside civil and commercial activities as well as with international alliances and partnerships. 

Major decisions shaping the future of the UK’s military space capabilities and activities are likely to be taken this year. This event draws on presentations and debates between experts and stakeholders from within the UK and worldwide.   


Chair: Professor Peter Roberts, Director of Military Sciences, RUSI

  • Alexandra Stickings, Research Fellow, Space Policy and Security, RUSI
  • Nik Smith, UK Country Director, Lockheed Martin Space
  • Victoria Samson, Washington Office Director, Secure World Foundation

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