(Postponed) UK–Russia Expert Dialogue: Diversity Within the Debates

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How can gender help to shape policymakers' thinking on national and international security?

According to UN research, a meaningful gender approach to international security and the role of women’s influence in negotiating forums have a positive correlation with the implementation and durability of conflict solutions and peace agreements.

The UK and Russia's diplomatic relationship remains very difficult, amid the tense security situation in Ukraine and discussions around the future of strategic stability in Europe. Against this backdrop, our discussion will assess the importance of gender when developing policy responses to conflict and international negotiations, and seek to identify how gender and security can be reframed as not just a 'women's issue'.

Speakers from the UK and Russia, from a variety of professional backgrounds and generations, will offer their experiences on questions of representation in international security, identifying the changes that still need to be made to redress the gender balance and increase women's roles in leadership.

Simultaneous English-Russian interpretation will be provided. This event will be off the record.


The speakers for this event will be:

Ariela Blätter, President and CEO, Women in International Security (WIIS) 

Dr Anastasia Malygina, Associate Professor at the School of International Relations, St Petersburg State University 

The event will be chaired by Emily Ferris, Research Fellow, Russia Eurasia, RUSI, and is in partnership with RUSI’s Rebalancing Expertise in Defence and Security (REDS) initiative

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  • Rebalancing Expertise in Defence and Security (REDS)

    Rebalancing Expertise in Defence and Security (REDS) is a RUSI initiative aimed at promoting a diversity of voices in the fields of security and defence, with a particular focus on those who identify as female.

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