Turkey and Regional Disorder After the Arab Spring

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A round-table discussion with Professor Bulent Aras, Sabanci University, Istanbul and  Dr Emirhan Yorulmazlar, Fellow, John Hopkins School.

In conjunction with most of its allies in NATO, Turkey initially believed that the political changes unleashed by the so-called Arab Spring will usher in a more stable Middle Eastern region. Turkey offered its support to these forces of change, and took the lead in promoting regional cooperative structures.

But the latest regional developments point to a much ominous future, one in which the continued viability of neighbouring states is called into question, and terrorism seems to have returned as a permanent threat, as the latest repeated attacks on cities in Turkey indicate. Our speakers will outline Turkey’s current security policy and map out the country’s future strategic priorities.

Professor Bulent Aras of Sabanci University has had a distinguished Turkish foreign service experience which included work at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Centre for Strategic Research, the chairmanship of the Diplomacy Academy and subsequent service as academic advisor to Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, when the latter served as Foreign Minister.

Dr Emirhan Yorulmazlar is a Fellow at the John Hopkins School and is a scholar on Turkey’s foreign policy. He also currently serves as the Consul General of Turkey in London.

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