The UK's Response to Cyber Fraud: A Strategic Approach

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This event will discuss the need for new strategy and leadership to tackle cyber fraud based on the RUSI report The UK’s Response to Cyber Fraud: A Strategic Vision.

The webinar aims to showcase a new RUSI research paper on fresh approaches to tackling the scourge of cyber fraud. The report calls for a new UK cyber fraud strategy, generated and applied by key stakeholders both within and outside Government. A more significant role for financial services firms and broader private sector companies in designing and implementing this strategy will strengthen the UK’s response to cyber fraud.  The paper also argues that the Home Office should lead this new strategy, by setting out ‘whole of society’ roles and responsibilities.

Over the past nine months, RUSI’s Cyber Research, Organised Crime and Policing, and the Centre for Financial Crime Studies teams of researchers have been talking to cyber experts from law enforcement agencies, cyber security companies and the broader commercial community, ascertaining their views on the role business can play alongside Government departments in reducing this type of cybercrime.

The report has determined that existing structures to tackle cyber fraud have not delivered the expected outcomes. Law enforcement agencies and the criminal justice system are overwhelmed, and this high-volume type of unsuppressed cybercrime has a substantial impact on UK economic security and prosperity.

RUSI’s study argues that now is the time to consider new approaches to tackle this cyber threat. The renewed effort will require even more clearly defined roles for Government, law enforcement, business, and citizens.

The event is part of RUSI’s Fraud Week, during which we will showcase the Institute’s broader research into this national security risk.


Commissioner Ian Dyson QPM of the City of London Police will deliver the keynote address.

This is followed by a panel discussion chaired by Dr Victoria Baines, a cybercrime expert and Visiting Associate at the University of Oxford.

Panellists include:

  • Liz Banbury, Global Head of Information and Cyber Security Policy and Risk, Standard Chartered
  • Commissioner Ian Dyson QPM of the City of London Police
  • Stephen Head, Senior Partner, Gadhia Consultants
  • Bob Wigley, Chairman, UK Finance

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