The UK Deterrent in an age of Trump and Putin

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UK PONI is pleased to hold an event in Plymouth examining developments in international nuclear issues under Presidents Trump and Putin, and their significance for the United Kingdom.

On 20 January 2017 Donald J Trump became the 45th President of the United States. Over the course of his first term, he will have the opportunity to carve out new policy approaches to major international nuclear issues, with implications for the UK deterrent. Russia, meanwhile, continues to modernize its nuclear forces and act aggressively towards NATO allies in Europe, raising questions over the character of the US-Russia deterrence and disarmament relationship. Trump has not only stated his intention to ‘strengthen and expand’ US nuclear capabilities, but has also aired the possibility of a new arms control agreement with Russia. This will take place against the backdrop of an international push for a nuclear prohibition, which the US, UK and France have firmly rejected.

This event will be chaired by:

- Professor Sir David Omand GCB, Visiting Professor at King’s College London and Vice-President of RUSI. He is a former UK Security and Intelligence Coordinator, Permanent Secretary of the Home Office and Director of GCHQ. In MOD he held the position of Deputy Under Secretary of State for Defence Policy with responsibility for UK nuclear deterrence strategy.

Additional speakers include:

- Thomas Frear is a Research Fellow at the European Leadership Network (ELN), a think tank focusing on conventional and nuclear issues across Europe and Russia. Thomas has published extensively on NATO nuclear policy, as well as European and Russian security more broadly.

- Karl Dewey is a CBRN Analyst for defence and security firm IHS Jane’s. He analyses developments in nuclear capabilities and doctrine, and is one of the Proliferation Editors for IHS Jane's Intelligence Review.

The event will begin at 1700 with an introduction by David Jarvis CBE, the founding director of UK PONI. Mr. Jarvis served thirty-six years in the Royal Navy, including as director of Strategic Weapons Systems charged with the provision of the UK Trident system.

The event will conclude with a drinks and networking reception open to all attendees.

Registration for this event has now closed.

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