The Southern Stratagem: North Korean Proliferation Financing in Southern and Eastern Africa

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A panel discussion with author Darya Dolzikova and financial crime experts from government and the financial sector.  

North Korea adapts its proliferation financing activities to the particular opportunities available in each of the regions in which it operates. Sub-Saharan Africa has been no different.

The Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies hosted an online discussion on North Korean proliferation financing typologies in southern and eastern Africa, as well as regional challenges and best practices in CPF.

The new RUSI Occasional Paper ‘The Southern Stratagem: North Korean Proliferation Financing in Southern and Eastern Africa’ by Darya Dolzikova and Anagha Joshi conducted a high-level PF risk assessment for southern and eastern Africa, identifying PF threats, challenges and best practices unique to the region.

The discussion was  moderated by co-author, Darya Dolzikova, Research Analyst in the Proliferation and Nuclear Policy Programme.

Speakers will included:

  • Chris Macadam, Head, Priority Crimes Litigation Unit, National Prosecuting Authority of South Africa
  • Muluken Yirga Dubale, Senior Legal Advisor – AML/CFT and FIU Expert, Eastern and Southern Africa Anti-Money Laundering Group (ESAAMLG)
  • Lloyd Meadows, Director, Sanctions Advisory, Financial Crime Compliance (Africa, Middle East), Standard Chartered Bank

The event was held on the record.
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Since 2015, RUSI has conducted research and outreach activities on countering proliferation finance. We have produced a number of landmark publications with relevance for both financial institutions and government stakeholders, such as our Introductory Guide for Financial Institutions and Implementation Guide and Model Law for Governments, all of which are freely available at

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