The Permanent Crisis: Iran’s Nuclear Trajectory

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Jon Snow, David Miliband, Richard Dalton and Shashank Joshi discuss the ways forward for the Iranian nuclear crisis.

Permanent CrisisThe quickening pace of Iran's nuclear activities has produced an international sense of urgency.  Sanctions have intensified, while fears of an Israeli strike abound. Talks have briefly eased the tension, before failing due to fundamental differences between Iran and the West. There seem to be dim prospects for peaceful resolution; the worry is that this long-running dispute could become a permanent crisis.

At this lunchtime event hosted at RUSI, David Miliband, Jon Snow and Richard Dalton will join author of a new paper on the crisis, Shashank Joshi, in conversation about the findings of the paper, and consider what way forward may exist in the ongoing crisis. 

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The monograph by Shashank Joshi, The Permanent Crisis: Iran's Nuclear Trajectory, is published by Routledge and is available to Whitehall Papers subscribers. Copies may also be purchased online.

About the panel

David Miliband MP was foreign secretary 2007-10 and has been involved in front-bench politics for fifteen years.

Jon Snow is an ITN journalist and presenter of Channel 4 News. He reported from Iran during the 1979 revolution and has also interviewed President Ahmadinejad.

Sir Richard Dalton is a former senior diplomat and ambassador with extensive experience in the Middle East. He is now an associate fellow of Chatham House.

Shashank Joshi is a research fellow at RUSI, a doctoral student in the School of Government at Harvard University, and a widely published analyst of Middle Eastern and South Asian security issues.

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