The Pathway to Stabilisation in Yemen

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The discussion will address the challenges to promoting social cohesion in Yemen. 

The UN has declared the situation in Yemen the world’s largest humanitarian emergency with 22 million people needing lifesaving assistance. The impact on Yemeni society and the country’s fragile infrastructure has been devastating.

This panel discussion will first examine the underlying causes of social fragmentation in Yemen and the situation as it stands on the ground. Looking to the future, our speakers will consider what the role of the international community should be towards stabilising Yemen and restoring Yemeni society.

Participants on the panel will be:

  • Rafat Al-Akhali, Chairman, Resonate! Yemen Foundation
  • Rowaida Al Khulaidi, British Council Yemen
  • Marwa Baabbad, Project Manager for Yemen, Strategic Peacebuilding, Oxford Research Group
  • Joost R Hiltermann, Program Director, Middle East & North Africa, International Crisis Group

The discussion will be chaired by Dr Aniseh Bassiri Tabrizi, Research Fellow, RUSI

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