The Future of Fires: Report Launch

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This event examined a new report on the trends of fires technology and the effects these systems have on the future battlefield.

The paper is available here.

The increasing density and sophistication of Russia’s Integrated Air Defence System promises to rob NATO ground forces of air support in the first weeks of any high intensity conflict in Eastern Europe. NATO ground forces will therefore need to depend on its artillery for firepower. Unfortunately NATO artillery is overmatched by Russia’s. NATO artillery is outgunned, outranged, and outnumbered. The modernisation of artillery therefore must be a priority for the British Army.

Given that it is not fiscally viable to match Russia gun for gun, it is important not to simply replicate existing capabilities, but rather to pursue emerging capabilities that offer a transformative advantage in the delivery of firepower. To this end RUSI has conducted a study assessing trends in fires technology, the effect of these systems on the future battlefield, and the minimum fires group necessary to ensure that the British Army retains a credible warfighting capability. This report will be launched at the event, with an overview of its conclusions, and the opportunity to discuss the findings with the author and military sciences team.

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