The Future of Amphibious Operations, Report Launch

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This event launched a six month research project on the future of amphibious operations, commissioned by the Royal Navy  

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If you can’t get to the fight, the number of tanks, and the skill of soldiers is irrelevant. Theatre access is a critical prerequisite for power projection.

Traditional methods of theatre access however are becoming harder. The proliferation of sophisticated anti-access/area-denial systems, from advanced Surface to Air Missiles, to Anti-Ship Missiles, is making traditional amphibious operations perilous. This is not a new problem, but militaries have been struggling to come up with viable solutions. 

To this end the Royal Navy commissioned the RUSI Military Sciences team to conduct a study outlining the future operating environment, the relevance of amphibious forces within it, and how those forces will need to operate. On 20 November RUSI published its findings. Join the authors for a presentation on the results and what they mean for the UK’s Future Commando Force. 

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