Terrorism Financing and New Technologies in Europe: Report Launch

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locationOnline / Interoffices, Brussels

Join RUSI Europe and the team behind Project CRAAFT (Collaboration, Research and Analysis Against the Financing of Terrorism) for a discussion on our latest research paper, ‘Bit by Bit: Impacts of New Technologies on Terrorism Financing Risks’.

Bit by Bit: Impacts of New Technologies on Terrorism Financing Risks

The potential role that new technology can play in terrorist financing – from Financial Technology (commonly referred to as ‘FinTech’) to virtual currencies and social media – has been a growing subject of discussion in policymaking circles in Europe. With their focus on speed, efficiency and a positive user experience, new technologies have the potential not only to make life easier for ordinary consumers, but also to reduce the frictions terrorist financiers face in funding attacks and engaging in other organisational activities. In their new research paper, RUSI Europe researchers Stephen Reimer and Matthew Redhead present the findings of their year-long research project on the impact of new technologies on terrorism financing risks in Europe, and argue that counterterrorist financing (CTF) and regulatory responses should reflect the true degree of risk posed, and should resist the urge to see any novelty and uncertainty as an inherent vulnerability and risk.


To consider their findings and to further explore this topic, Stephen Reimer will be joined in this presentation by:

Aurore Versele from Revolut, Head of AML of a retail Belgian bank, supervised under the SSM. She has anti-financial crime experience with both national and European levels. She recently joined Revolut as MLRO in Belgium.

Matthew Redhead, a researcher and writer on financial crime and national security topics, and an independent risk consultant to the FinTech and RegTech sectors. He is also a regular contributor to Jane’s Intelligence Review on serious organised crime, financial crime, terrorism and intelligence.

Max Braun (moderator), head of Luxembourg’s Financial Intelligence Unit (Cellule de Renseignement Financier). Prior to this appointment, he dealt with cybercrime cases at the Luxembourg Public Prosecutor's Office. He also teaches the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing at the University of Luxembourg.


How to attend

The event will be held on a hybrid basis, both online and at the Mona Lisa Room in Interoffices - Av. des Arts 56, 1000, Brussels.

To express your interest in attending in-person, please email Olivia Kearney, Community Engagement Officer, Project CRAAFT at oliviak@rusi.org (spaces are limited).

Please register to watch the event online. The online audience will be on mute but will be able to submit questions in writing during the event. Please register for the webinar here.

For any questions regarding the event, please email Olivia Kearney at Oliviak@rusi.org.

Project CRAAFT

Project CRAAFT is an academic research and community-building initiative designed to build stronger, more coordinated counter terrorist financing (CTF) capacity across the EU and in its neighbourhood

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