Sir Charles Montgomery on UK Border Security

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Sir Charles Montgomery, Director General of the UK Border Force, will set out how the border can be effectively utilised as a unique intervention point by law enforcement actors against a range of threats to the national security and economic prosperity of the UK.

Sir Charles will outline the challenges that Border Force faces in dealing with a wide range of threats to the country’s security – from low level smuggling right through to international terrorism. There will be an emphasis on the capabilities that law enforcement actors require to deal with border security challenges in the  twenty-first century and how Border Force’s role has evolved so that the organisation serve a wide range of national security interests beyond its traditionally recognised immigration and customs functions. Sir Charles will also look ahead to the operational challenges of the next five years as Border force and its partners are tasked with undertaking an increasingly complex and multi-faceted law enforcement mission in an era of continued austerity

Speaker Bio

Sir Charles Montgomery joined Border Force as director general in March 2013. Before joining Border Force, Sir Charles held the role of Vice Admiral - Second Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Personnel and Training in the Royal Navy. Sir Charles joined the Royal Navy through BRNC Dartmouth in 1973, spending his first three years in service at Sheffield University, gaining an honours degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering. He enjoyed a distinguished career in the Royal Navy, and has held a variety of sea-going and land-based roles, including Naval Secretary and Chief of Staff (Personnel), Head of the Maritime Warfare School and command of a major warship. He was awarded KBE in the 2012 Queen’s birthday honours list.

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