Webinar: Securing Democracy from Illicit Finance: Strengthening the First Mile

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Kleptocracy and corruption undermine democracy. Bolstering the capacity of journalists and civil society to respond must be a priority.

Information on our Spanish language event, focussing on Latin America, is available here.

President Joe Biden’s Summit for Democracy highlighted the fundamental role of civil society and investigative journalists in tackling corrupt ecosystems and pressing for reform. This is particularly relevant in countries where the state or members of the political elite are complicit in corrupt activities. Empowering non-governmental actors is a critical element of the global effort to reverse the impunity felt by those that profit from corruption and kleptocracy. While more action is certainly needed by policymakers in London and Washington, restricting kleptocracy in the ‘first mile’, at its source, must also be prioritised.


RUSI’s Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies is delighted to welcome panellists who will share their insights and experience from East Africa, and consider the measures needed to strengthen local responses and to curb global corruption and kleptocracy:

  • John Githongo, Investigative journalist
  • Sheila Masinde, Director at Transparency International Kenya
  • John-Allan Namu, Investigative journalist, Africa Uncensored

The panel discussion will be chaired by Maria Sofia Reiser of RUSI’s CFCS.

For additional background, please visit: https://rusi.org/explore-our-research/publications/rusi-newsbrief/securing-democracy-illicit-finance-strengthening-first-mile

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