RUSI Terrorism and Conflict Research Group Launch of the Prevention Project: A Seminar Series Exploring the Evidence Base for P/CVE

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Seminar 1: What Can (not) Work in Women-Centric P/CVE Initiatives?

Prevention is a vital pillar of counterterrorism (CT) strategies across the globe. Yet despite nearly 20 years of preventative initiatives this issue continues to be highly politicised, misunderstood and contested. To help address this, RUSI has completed an ambitious and comprehensive literature review, drawing on over 500 documents – from academic studies to programme evaluations and policy briefs – to interrogate the available P/CVE evidence base across different contexts.

This seminar focused on what can work (and what has not worked) in women-centric P/CVE initiatives. Has gender mainstreaming become more effectively institutionalised across CT/CVE programmes? How can these findings inform the government’s Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy? What are the key lessons for global P/CVE?


  • Eric Rosand, Director of ‘The Prevention Project: Organizing Against Violent Extremism' in Washington DC, and RUSI Senior Associate Fellow
  • Emily Winterbotham, Director of RUSI’s Terrorism and Conflict Group
  • Jessica White, Research Fellow in RUSI’s Terrorism and Conflict Group
  • Dr. Elizabeth Pearson, Lecturer at the Cyber Threats Research Centre, Swansea University
  • Chair: Sabin Khan, RUSI Senior Associate Fellow

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