RUSI Paper Launch - The Challenge of Change: Acquiring Technologies for Defence in the UK

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RUSI’s latest Occasional Paper, by Professor John Louth and Professor Trevor Taylor, explores the prospects of innovation in UK defence by looking at the context in which such developments are likely to flourish.

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At a time when the Western world is placing emphasis on the importance of bringing more innovation to defence, this paper identifies seven contextual features that enhance the chances of successful innovations and suggests how these factors could be reinforced in the UK defence enterprise. Although the research was conducted before the announcement of the Strategic Defence and Security Review, the paper contains several points pertinent to that exercise.


RUSI and the authors are grateful to Dell Technologies for generously sponsoring this project.

Panellists include:

  • Peggy Hollinger, Industry Editor, Financial Times
  • Professor John Louth, Former Director, Defence, Industries and Society, RUSI
  • Professor Trevor Taylor, Director, Defence, Industries and Society, RUSI

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