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The importance of diversity in addressing the challenges and opportunities of the global cyber race.

We are experiencing a global change in the way cyber is exploited by adversaries. Our opponents are using cyber to do us harm in an ever-growing range of ways. Whether this includes attempts to exercise malign influence over democratic processes, spreading disinformation, conducting industrial-scale espionage, or by seeking to disrupt or even destroy critical national infrastructure, our adversaries are exploiting cyber to the full. No nation can address this malign development alone. It is therefore more important than ever that as a community we come together and shape how responsible nations can work together to protect and promote our interests in cyber space.

In any period of disruptive change, diversity of thought and practice is essential. We need to avoid groupthink, encourage creativity and foster debates about such challenges. Nor is this just a government problem; society as a whole has to contribute. We also need to avoid gender-specific engagement; women play a vital role in all such activities, and the diversity of women in our technology companies is also essential.

Dr Mary Haigh, Chief Information Security Officer at BAE Systems, facilitates a discussion between some of the women leading the way in cyber security. During the event panellists discuss the following topics:

  • The opportunities and challenges facing each nation;
  • The role that the Five Eyes community can play in shaping how we use cyber;
  • The importance of diversity in – the shaping of what cyber power means, overcoming the challenges, making the most of the opportunities it gives us;
  • The role of cyber and technology companies in achieving diversity across the cyber ecosystem.


  • Shelly Bruce, Chief, Communications Security Establishment
  • Christine Maxwell, CISO, Ministry of Defence
  • Lindy Cameron, CEO, National Cyber Security Centre
  • Wendy Noble, Executive Director, National Security Agency
  • Abigail Bradshaw, Head, Australian Cyber Security Centre

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