Report Launch: The UK Strategy on Protection of Civilians - Insights for the Review Process

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As the UK reviews its 2010 Protection of Civilians strategy, RUSI and Save the Children will publish a new report on how to strengthen its content and implementation. 

The 20th anniversary of the UN Security Council adding the Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict to its agenda and the decision by the UK to review its 2010 strategy on Protection of Civilians provide an opportunity for the UK Government to play a vital role in leading and shaping the global response to some of the most pressing challenges linked to protecting civilians in conflict.

The report explores the key challenges to the Foreign Office’s review of its strategy and highlights the essential elements this should include to be successful and to translate protection into policy and practice within the diplomatic, defence and aid sectors. 

The event will examine the findings of the report and bring together practitioners and experts from the defence and foreign policy community to discuss what the new UK's strategy should look like, as well as what the broader role of the UK can and should be in the protection of civilians' space.

The discussion will be followed by a networking reception. 

Opening remarks:

  • Dr Karin von Hippel, Director General, RUSI
  • Kevin Watkins, CEO, Save the Children UK


  • Paul Adams, Diplomatic Correspondent, BBC


  • Dr Aniseh Bassiri Tabrizi, Research Fellow, RUSI
  • Amanda Brydon, Humanitarian and Conflict Adviser, Save the Children UK
  • Ewan Lawson, Associate Fellow, RUSI

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