Pre-election Home Affairs Debate

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Senior representatives from the main parties took part in a RUSI home affairs debate ahead of the election.

Security is one of government's primary responsibilities - but how best to provide it is often controversial. Terrorist attacks and threats are rarely off the front pages, while cyber-crime and cyber-espionage are increasing concerns. Organised crime may be less visible, but still causes serious harm. How should government protect us against these threats, while balancing security with privacy? This debate aimed to find out where the major parties stand on this question and many others relating to security, crime, terrorism, policing, intelligence, privacy and civil liberties.

The panellists were:

Conservative Party: The Rt Hon Brandon Lewis

Labour Party: The Rt Hon Diane Abbott

Liberal Democrats: The Lord Paddick

Green Party: Dr Shahrar Ali


RUSI will also be holding events on Defence and Foreign Affairs.

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